More United is a new movement that will give you a direct influence over our politics. We raise money to support political candidates who stand by our values, regardless of their party.

Our support helps those candidates get elected and influences the makeup of Parliament, changing Britain for the better.

Why does politics need More United?

Millions of people want to build a more constructive and positive approach to politics. But all too often it’s the extremes of our politics that get the biggest share of the limelight - and it can feel that there’s no way for people like you to make an impact.

More United can give you the power to make change happen by combining the power of thousands. It’s never been more important for people to come together to champion what unites us and to stop the growing hatred and intolerance in our country.

How did More United start?

More United was conceived and launched by a group of volunteers and convenors over the summer, at a time when Britain was becoming more divided as a nation. 

In the days after the launch tens of thousands of people joined the movement to stand up for our values of opportunity, tolerance, the environment, democracy, and openness. We are now growing in size and ambition to become a community that will directly influence politics for the better over the months and years to come.

How do I join?

Joining the movement is easy – you can donate any amount to become a Member of More United and gain the right to vote on who we support and what we stand for.

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