More United is creating a new way of doing politics, making it less extreme, less tribal and giving you more power to make an impact. 

With a name inspired by the words of the late Jo Cox MP, More United stands for unity and inclusion, and rejects hatred and division. At the heart of our movement are our five values: 

  • Opportunity: we need a fair economy that bridges the gap between rich and poor

  • Tolerance: we want to live in a free, diverse society where our differences are celebrated and respected

  • Democracy: we want you to have real influence over politics

  • Environment: we must do everything possible to tackle climate change and protect our environment

  • Openness: we welcome immigration, but understand it must work for everyone, and believe in bringing down international barriers, not raising them. We also want a close relationship with the EU


In the run up to the 2017 General Election, we raised £500,000 and mobilised thousands of volunteers, which helped to elect 34 fantastic MPs from four different parties who signed up to these values. This is something nobody has ever done before. Not just in the UK, but around the world.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ve shown we can make a difference at elections. Our challenge now is to impact politics outside election time too. 


1. Support the MPs to transform politics right now

Every week the MPs we backed are campaigning on issues we all care about - they raise important issues, pass new laws and hold the Government to account. If we support these MPs - with volunteers, money and online activity - we can increase their chance of success. The sheer power of our movement can help MPs do more; take bolder decisions, stand up to extreme views and have a bigger impact


2. Link our supporters with MPs

If we are to help the MPs win campaigns and have more impact, we need them to know the issues we care about. We’re going to find ways for you to feed in your views, your ideas and your suggestions to those in power.


3.Grow our movement

It’s a huge ambition but if we make More United the biggest source of time, people and money in UK politics, then the extreme forces that have taken over our democracy won't stand a chance.

At the same time, we’ll make sure we're ready for the next general election, whenever it comes, by finding candidates we want to see win at the next election. Members of More United will always get to vote on who we back.


Through these three steps we are creating a new way of doing politics that cuts across tribal boundaries and gives you the chance to have real impact. 

With the best MPs working in Parliament, backed by thousands outside Parliament, we can use our collective power to make change happen. 

This won’t be easy but together we really can create a completely new way to do politics. One that backs people not parties, one that delivers real impact, and one that is made possible not by politicians but by thousands of people like you.

Join More United as a member today.

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