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Andrew George

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Standing in: St Ives

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Why Andrew backs More United:

"I fully endorse More United’s ambition and values. Only by challenging the nil-sum-game of pointless tribalism will we collectively defeat the alternative-fact, post-truth wall-builders who clearly don’t care two hoots what kind of planet, economy and society we bequeath to our children."

About Andrew George

In the coalition government, Andrew made his name as the Liberal Democrats' most rebellious MP, voting against rises in tuition fees and reforms to health and welfare. As the Lib Dem Fisheries spokesman, Andrew worked to improve the sustainability of the fishing industry and pushed for the appointment of a ‘Green Minister’ to help protect the environment.

Andrew had a fantastic attendance record in Parliament while he was an MP, showing commitment to his duty.

He is chasing a lead of just 2,469 votes in St. Ives and has proven himself to be an independent-minded candidate.

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