Candidate Selection

More United backs people, not parties. Our view is that whatever happens, we need to make sure the right people are elected, who will champion our values in Parliament no matter what party they are from. We have taken the time to make sure our process is transparent and fair.

This General Election, More United’s candidate selection process is as follows:

Step 1: Identify candidates who stand by More United’s values

Once a candidate is recommended for More United support and is happy to back our values, our researchers make an assessment as to whether their past record demonstrates this.

Step 2: Assessment on winnability

We use data analytics to assess the candidate's likelihood of winning their seat, to make sure we have the biggest impact possible. We will also ensure there are no other candidates in the seat who agree with our values and also have a chance of winning: there is no point in pitting two good candidates against each other - whoever gets elected, Parliament will be better off.

Step 3: Member vote

Candidates who pass our initial vetting will be included in the members online vote. We’ll let members know what kind of support the candidate needs (e.g. funds, endorsement, volunteers), as well as the results of the vetting process - then we’ll ask members to choose the candidates they want to back.

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What happens when more than one candidate could be a More United candidate?

Our goal is to build a strong force of progressive MPs in Parliament - we won’t pit like-minded candidates against each other for no reason.

That said, if two or more candidates in the same seat both support our values and both have a chance of winning, our members can still choose to endorse the candidates but we won’t give them funds. Either one of these candidates getting elected make our country better off.

How will we support candidates?

How More United supports each candidate will vary depending on their needs: it might be they’re more in need of people-power than funds, or vice versa. Our team will work with candidates to make sure they get the support that will be most effective in helping them get elected.

This might include:

  • Formal endorsement
  • Donations to their campaign
  • Voluntary support

Whatever support a candidate receives, it will be key to helping them build a strong campaign, get elected and add to the core force of MPs who will fight for More United’s values.

Do you have a More United candidate recommendation?

We’re inviting our members to nominate candidates for our support ahead of the General Election 2017. If there’s a candidate you’d like to see included in the More United shortlist, all about them.

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