Our Candidates: What the Members Think

By Iona Gaskell | 22 May 2017

More United is now supporting 36 candidates standing in this General Election. All of them have demonstrated their commitment to change, to progress, to a new and positive way of doing politics that will help to deliver a better future for us all.

Many of our Members have voted to support candidates from parties they have never voted for before. Moving beyond party tribalism, they have a clear sense of why the qualities this individual candidate will bring are crucial for leading us through the Brexit transition and beyond.  We asked some of our members to pick one of the candidates and explain why they will be such important additions to Parliament. Here they are in their own words, telling us what that candidate means for them and for you, and why they hope to see them elected on June 8th.


Shannon tells us why Amna Ahmad, Lib Dem candidate for Sutton and Cheam, would be such a valuable addition to Parliament... 

"Today's UK is a modern, cosmopolitan, multicultural society. Our diversity makes us stronger. 

Half the the population is female, yet only 30% of the MPs are. Immigrants comprise 13% of the UK, yet fewer that 5% of our MPs were born outside the UK. Black and ethnic minorities account for 13% of the population, but only 6% of the MPs.

Amna Ahmad is a great candidate for parliament in her own right. She's a dedicated campaigner. Her background as a communications professional in the healthcare field will be a strong asset as she represents her constituents in government. She's committed to More United's values. 

Amna will be an outstanding MP, but she will also move us one step — or should that be three steps? — closer to having a parliament that truly represents today's diverse UK."


Riff shares his perspective on Sir Vince Cable, the Lib Dem candidate for Twickenham...

"I'm not naturally a Lib Dem. I have sometimes found them to be a little too wishy-washy, and as someone who has been politically "left of centre" for my entire adult life I've found it very difficult to forgive the SDP for what they did to Labour back in the 80s, handing Thatcher a landslide. 

But I've always admired Vince Cable. Several lifetimes ago (it seems like it anyhow) people scoffed at him when he predicted a financial meltdown - only to have his warnings corroborated by the events of 2008. Then he became a government minister and declared himself "at war" with Rupert Murdoch, which spoke volumes to me about his integrity. When all our political leaders bow and scrape to an Australian-American news magnate, here was one who didn't.

I know who I'll be voting for in this election, but if I were in Twickenham, I'd vote for Vince because I think he brings moderate, fair, sense to our current political establishment. He's a man who has integrity and compassion and we need more of that in government."


Nate is supporting Vix Lowthion, the Green Party candidate for the Isle of Wight...

"Vix Lowthion is Green Party Education Spokesperson and parliamentary candidate for the Green Party's 3rd target seat of t

In the 2015 election, Vix increased the Green vote by over ten times, coming third, ahead of both Labour and the Liberal Democrats, an excellent achievement on very limited resources. In the Isle of Wight local elections in May 2017, the Green vote increased by 1787%, and they came first or second in over half of the seats on the Island. A teacher on the Island herself, Vix is Green Party Education Spokesperson. She successfully called for Ofsted boss David Hoare to resign when he labelled the Island a "ghetto" and place of "inbreeding".

Despite her calls for a "reciprocal progressive alliance" in the constituency this hasn’t materialised, but Vix Lowthion can still win in the Isle of Wight. More United's financial support is a good start, but this seat can only be won with support from activists like you, so contact More United and Vix today to see how you can help.

As an original member of More United, I fully support the cross party progressive goals of the organisation. For this kind of cross party campaign to succeed, it is important that all parties benefit as equally as possible, and the best way to make sure that happens is to do what you can to help get Vix Lowthion elected as the Green Party MP for the Isle of Wight on June the 8th. It's time."



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