More United Launches A New Crowdfund!

By Iona Gaskell | 30 November 2017

One year on from More United's official launch, we're launching a new crowdfund to help kickstart the next phase of this movement.

More United started as an idea that politics could be done differently. Our mission? To back people, not parties. We find great politicians from all parties, help them get elected and then make an impact in Parliament.

Thousands of people got behind this idea and joined the movement, helping More United grow to 100,000 people, raise half a million pounds and help get 34 MPs elected.

Let's dwell on that for a second: because of the people in this movement, there are 34 MPs from four different parties sitting in Parliament, univted by and fighting for our common values.


Many of them have said that having More United behind them gives them the courage to stand up for what they believe in during turbulent times. We are making a difference already. With the sheer power of our movement behind them, those MPs can do more; take bolder decisions, tackle the big issues and stop the extremism forces poisoning our democracy.

But we're not stopping now. We're going to keep changing politics outside of elections too. We're going to

  • Support the 34 MPs to run campaigns that deliver real change on issues like the NHS, immigration and the rise of extremism in politics.
  • Use technology to link you directly with those MPs, so they know what you care about and what campaigns you want to see them run.
  • Grow our movement. By the end of 2018 we want to be at least twice as big as we are now.

But we need the people, the technology and the campaign resources to make this happen. To kickstart the plan we need to raise £50,000 and we're launching that crowdfund today.

Join the crowdfund

Here's the really exciting news.

If we can crowdfund £25,000, a group of backers have committed to match it pound for pound. That means whatever donation you make will be doubled, giving it twice the impact.


If you're not already a Member of More United, donating to our crowdfund will make you one, giving you the right to vote on the big decisions in this movement: what candidates we support and what campaigns we run.

If you're already a More United Member, now is the time to renew your membership for another year. 

Every pound you give will go to impacting our politics and to fighting against the extreme forces that are threatening to overpower it. Please help make that happen.

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