Crowdfunding for the future

By Bess Mayhew | 24 November 2016

The world is changing – and so is politics. Around the globe we are increasingly seeing extremism winning out against openness, tolerance and moderation. Millions of people in our country feel disconnected from a political system that doesn’t represent them, frustrated that their voices aren’t heard.

Amidst all this we see an opportunity to take action and start doing things differently.

That's why More United exists. 

When we soft-launched the More United movement in the summer, we where overwhelmed by the response. 60,000 of you signed up to our plan to build a stronger, moderate force in Parliament and give people the power to have a much more direct influence over our politics.

We were blown away by the support and encouragement we've had since then. Support that has meant we can now move to the next stage of our set up. 

Today, we're launching our first crowdfund and asking you to join our movement.

We'll use the money raised to support candidates and MPs who agree with our values, no matter which party they are from. By harnessing the power of many, we can make lots of small money have a big impact. And if we all chip in a bit, we'll have the chance to make a real difference. 

This is where you come in.

By donating to our crowdfund you will transform More United from an idea into a reality. You'll also become an Original Member of the movement, with the right to vote on which candidates we support and what policies we ask them to stand by.

More United will always aim to be inclusive, accessible and transparent in the way it works. There is no minimum donation to become a member and, with donations under £1000, all the money you give will go directly to funding candidates. Larger donations will be put towards growing More United, and so that we help take some of the big money out of politics. 

Ultimately, More United is about action.

Pragmatism isn’t the sexiest of terms – although hey, neither is politics – but real change requires practical solutions. 

We want to bring politics back from extremes and help get more moderate, progressive MPs elected; so More United is founded upon values that will help build a better Britain. We believe politics is about giving people a voice and then listening to it; so More United’s members will decide who we support.

In other words, we aren’t just talking about problems; we’re offering a way of tackling them. 

At the end of the day, politics should be about people. This is your opportunity to become part of something that will mean you have a real impact. 

To take the first step, please support our crowdfund today. 

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