More United is a new movement that can give you direct influence over politics. We’re going to stop the growing hatred and division in Britain by building a strong, moderate force in Parliament who can represent more tolerant people like you. Here are some FAQs about More United and how you can get involved.


We are currently crowdfunding for the General Election on June 8, you can donate here. The candidates our members choose to back will need funding as early as possible to give them the best chance, so if you're thinking of donating then do it today! Our first crowdfund closed on 22 December 2016 and raised a total of £274,164.

More United wants to change the makeup of our Parliament, championing progressive voices. We are raising money so that we can support candidates and MPs who stand by our values, no matter what party they are from. By giving them this support, we will help increase their chance of getting elected at the next election, helping put our country on a more united, more positive course. 

By donating you’ll become a Member of More United, no matter how much you give. This will entitle you to a vote on which candidates we support and what specific policies we ask them to sign up to.

MPs supported by More United

There are three criteria every candidate will need to meet in order to receive our movement's support, and the More United team will ensure they are fulfilled:

  1. They publicly support More United's values
  2. They are running in an election which, with our help, they can win
  3. Our Members have chosen to support them via online voting  

We’ll give them support where they need it most to help them win. For some, that will be a donation, for others that will mean mobilising volunteers and supporters in their constituency.

To start with, we will support candidates in the most marginal seats, where our funding will make the biggest difference to the outcome of elections. As we get bigger, we will expand to more and more constituencies.

It’s unlikely we will fund every single seat in the country, as some are so safe that it isn’t possible to make a difference, no matter how much support we give. Our aim is to concentrate our resources to get progressive candidates elected to Parliament – not to spread our resources so thinly that they have no effect.

For the moment, yes. As we grow and raise more, we may begin to support candidates in other types of election, such as Scottish and Welsh or mayoral elections.

Our goal is to build a strong force of progressive MPs in Parliament - we won’t pit like-minded candidates against each other for no reason.

That said, if two or more candidates in the same seat both support our values and both have a chance of winning, our members can still choose to endorse the candidates but we won’t give them funds. Either one of these candidates getting elected make our country better off.

No, More United is not a political party and will not stand in elections. We support candidates who stand by our values no matter what party they are from. 

No, we will support candidates who agree with our values, no matter which party they stand for. The final decision on who we support will be made by our Members via online voting. You can become a Member by donating any amount now. 

Your Membership

You can become a Member of More United by donating any amount. Donating will give you a year’s membership and this will give you the right to vote on key decisions, such as which candidates we support and what policies we ask them to sign up to.

There is no minimum limit on membership – you can become a Member by donating however much you feel you can afford. We only ask that you give what you feel is right. Donating will entitle you to a full year’s membership, as well as voting rights.

As a member you can:

✓ vote on which candidates to support

✓ vote on which policies we ask candidates to stand by

✓ shape the future of More United's campaigns

✓ hear first about events and volunteering opportunities

✓ give your active support to the campaigns of our chosen candidates

You can become a Member by donating now.

Anyone who donated to our first crowdfund, which ended on 22nd December 2016, is an Original Member. Anyone who has donated since then has the same voting rights, but is called a Member. 

You can become a supporter for free by signing up here. As a supporter you will receive updates about what More United is doing but you will not be able to vote on which candidates More United back.

But as a Member, you can. You can become a Member by donating now. You will be able to vote on which candidates receive More United support, as well as help choose the specific policies we ask them to sign up to.



Values and Policies

At the heart of our movement are five values for a fair, positive and tolerant society in the 21st century. Our members and the politicians we support will stand by these values:

Opportunity: we need a fair economy that bridges the gap between rich and poor

Tolerance: we want to live in a free, diverse society where our differences are celebrated and respected

Democracy: we want you to have real influence over politics

Environment: we must do everything possible to tackle climate change and protect the environment

Openness: we welcome immigration and believe in bringing down international barriers, not raising them. We also want a close relationship with Europe

More United is a social movement, and our policies will come from our Members. 

Our values are a set of fundamental beliefs which define what we stand for. Our policies are those key actions which we want politicians to take in order to help achieve those values. MPs who are elected with More United support will be expected to act in accordance with our values and give active support to our policies.

About More United

Yes, we will publish a constitution and set of rules based on the provisions outlined in these FAQs soon. 

More United is currently run by volunteers. We have an acting CEO in place and are currently building our full time team. We’ll advertise recruitment opportunities soon. 

Email us at hello@moreunited.org.uk and a volunteer will get back to you.