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By Ben Rathe | 30 November 2016

Last weekend, something quite special happened. 

On Saturday out in Richmond in the west of London, well over one hundred people, most of whom had never done any kind of political campaigning before in their lives, came together to make a stand for more openness and tolerance in our politics. 

This was More United’s very first Action Day. Following an overwhelmingly positive response to our online vote – with 96% in favour – More United activated our support for Sarah Olney, the Richmond by-election. 

Throughout the day, volunteers donned t-shirts and badges, delivered thousands of leaflets and spoke with local residents about why the More United community has chosen to support Sarah. Some of them even got to meet the candidate herself!


An incredible 1 in 3 homes in the constituency were reached, amounting to around 27,000 people. Not bad for More United’s first ever volunteering event! 

Around the street, there were spirited debates about Brexit and the global political environment. We talked to people expressing concern over the rise of intolerance and hate crimes, and we heard person after person say that they want a more positive approach to politics. 

It’s hard to overemphasise how truly unprecedented what we did was. Never before has such a group come together to campaign actively for candidates based purely on values rather than parties.


But what was equally important and special about the Action Day was that for many of us it was the first time we had come together to do something positive about our politics. We engaged with one another to discuss the issues that we care about most, debating our different opinions while promoting the values that unify us. 

Together we were able to translate the idea of More United, into a reality that will make a big difference. And this is just the start.

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