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Gareth Thomas MP

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Standing in: Harrow West

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Why Gareth backs More United:

"I'm delighted to support More United's values. I am privileged to have represented a diverse community in Harrow, and know that Britain is at it's best when we work constructively with our partners abroad, not closing ourselves off from the world."

About Gareth Thomas MP

Before becoming an MP in 1997 Gareth was a teacher in the constituency he now represents. An outspoken advocate of a low carbon economy, in particular the economic benefits this can bring, Gareth has conducted and published research into energy and climate change. He’s spoken passionately about the UK’s duty to help ease the refugee crisis.

During his long career in Parliament Gareth has consistently voted in favour of LGBTQ rights and is a supporter of an elected House of Lords.

With a majority of just 2,208 he’s facing a tight race.

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