General Election 8 June - GAME ON!

By Tinashe Sithole | 18 April 2017

Following the announcement of a snap general election in June, More United is delighted to confirm we will be supporting candidates across the country. Candidates who back our values, regardless of what party they are from.

We’ve launched our first general election crowdfund – giving you the power to lead the way to better politics, at the click of a button. By donating, members will have the chance to vote on which candidates we support.

We’ve already had huge success in Richmond Park and Stoke-on-Trent. This is our biggest opportunity yet – a chance to have an enormous impact on the direction of our country and we are incredibly excited about what – together we can achieve.

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More United was conceived and launched by a group of volunteers and convenors in the summer 2016, at a time when Britain was becoming more divided as a nation.

Millions of people want to build a more constructive and positive approach to politics and More United gives you the power to make change happen by combining the power of thousands. It’s never been more important for people to come together to champion what unites us and to stop the growing hatred and intolerance in our country.

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