Picture of Geraint Davies MP

Geraint Davies MP

For Member Decision

Standing in: Swansea West

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Why Geraint backs More United:

"As MP for Swansea West I have proved I am set on tackling intolerance and protecting the precious environments we live in. This is what I will continue to do in Parliament."

About Geraint Davies MP

Geraint’s work evidences his dedication to his constituents and to More United’s values. He signed the Marine Charter to protect local marine wildlife and has campaigned for stricter environmental controls on water and air pollution caused by fracking. Geraint has also spoken out against the gender pay gap in Wales, calling for companies to make this information public in order to tackle the problem. He is committed to driving investment in the local area.

Proposed Package

If backed by Members, Geraint will receive:

More United Endorsement
£1500 Campaign Donation
Volunteer Support

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