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Jo Roundell Greene

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Standing in: Yeovil

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Why Jo backs More United:

"I couldn’t agree more with the aims of More United, before I was a candidate I was a member. Politics can’t just be about power, but doing the right things for the communities we serve. My grandfather, Clement Attlee believed in the importance of looking after everyone in society, I would be proud to continue his legacy and demonstrate the values of More United if I am elected to Parliament. We need a new kind of politics." 

About Jo Roundell Greene

Jo is Deputy Leader of her Local Council and last year was shortlisted as one of the UK’s best councillors, proving her dedication to the people she serves. She previously worked as a bricklayer and a cleaner.

Jo’s been fighting to protect local industry jobs and, following in the footsteps of her grandfather Clement Attlee, is fiercely committed to the NHS. She has spoken out in praise of the important contribution EU workers make to the NHS.

Her opposition is a firm supporter of Brexit with a record of voting against measures to prevent climate change. He has a majority of 5300 in a seat that was previously held by Jo’s party.

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