Over the past few weeks we’ve been asking you for your thoughts on politics and activism. In the follow up to our original survey we wanted to dig a little deeper into how you want to be heard in politics, and what change motivates you.

In January 2017, sixteen-year-old Humayan was elected to be Member of the UK Youth Parliament for Reading. I'd actually never heard of anyone being an MYP until I chatted to him - but it sounds like pretty interesting stuff. Alongside his political duties, he’s still got time to study for his A levels and he plans to go on to university after finishing school next year. Further down the line he's got his sights set on some pretty big targets...


A few months ago More United's members voted to support Chris Bryant in the general election after he pledged to stand by our values. Following his election as MP for Rhondda, Chris came top in a ballot allowing him to propose a change in the law through a Private Members' Bill and he immediately put those values into practice. 


More than 120 cross-party MPs, including 25 supported by More United, have signed a letter demanding that the Government immediately publish the findings of secret studies into the impact Brexit will have on 50 different sectors.

Co-ordinated by More United-backed MPs David Lammy and Seema Malhotra, the letter says the Government's failure to publish these reports is preventing MPs from doing their job and holding ministers to account. 


David Lammy said: “We are calling on the Government to come clean and publish these studies so we can have a full and frank debate about the impact of Brexit with all the facts and analysis out in the open.”

Seema Malhotra pointed out: “This is now not about sides but a nation planning together for a big change ahead. It is about leadership, clarity and responsibility."

Add your name to the letter and call on the Government to make these studies public.

Welcome to More United’s inaugural book club! Each month we’ll be reading a new book linked to the sphere of politics and telling you what we think. To kick us off, I’ve read the latest book from More United-backed MP, Chris Bryant.