A lot can happen in four weeks...

By Iona Gaskell | 16 December 2016

It’s been an absolutely massive month for More United.

In just four weeks we’ve launched our first crowdfund, conducted our first online vote, held our first action day, got our first More United-backed candidate elected in Richmond AND become the most popular project EVER on crowdfunder.co.uk


More than 5800 of you have now backed More United - more backers than any other project on the site, ever. 

The response from people like you has been astounding. We saw this in Richmond at our first action day to campaign for Sarah Olney in the by-election. Over 100 volunteers turned up to help from all over the country and from an array of political parties.

There were pensioners and students, hardened political activists and people who’ve never campaigned before in their lives, all working towards the shared goal of getting a candidate elected who stands for progressive values and positive change. 

And there’s been an outpouring of support online as well, with hundreds of people leaving messages on our crowdfund page to explain why they’ve joined and why they think More United is a good idea. Our initial goal was to raise £100k - but within just 48 hours you’d had smashed right through it. 

Our new target is to raise £250k by Christmas and you’ve already got us 80% of the way there!

And as More United grows, the word is spreading that there might be an alternative way to have an impact on politics. Last week, Dan Snow appeared in the Guardian and on the Daily Politics Show to make the case for our vision of a more tolerant, collaborative politics in which everyone’s voice is heard. Dan also did a Q&A session with Bess, our acting CEO, which we live-streamed on Facebook.

These are some incredible steps forward for More United. A month ago this was still just an idea. Now it is a reality with thousands of people and over £210,000 behind it. It is a true testament to what can happen when we all join together under a shared cause in the pursuit a more united kind of politics.  

From all the More United team, we want to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who’s helped us get this far by volunteering, donating and spreading the word. It may sound cheesy, but together we really can achieve big things. 

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