The Plan

Together, we can transform politics for the better by following our three-step process to help candidates who agree with our values get election, regardless of what party they are from. 

Step 1: Raise money through crowdfunding

We invite supporters to join the movement and become members by donating to More United.

The bigger the fund, the more candidates we can support and the more we can do to help elect good MPs.

Step 2: Choose political candidates 

There are three criteria every candidate will need to fulfil in order to receive our support:

  1. They publicly support More United values
  2. They are running in an election which, with our help, they can win
  3. Our members have chosen to support them via online voting

These criteria make sure our funds have the biggest impact possible on our Parliament and politics. 

We don’t care what party the candidate is from and do not favour any particular political party. We will always choose the candidate who can make the biggest difference. 

Step 3: Get them elected, by giving them the support to win

Candidates supported by More United will be offered funding and voluntary support.

More United members and supporters can also participate in local volunteering opportunities to support the candidate and help get them elected to Parliament.

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