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Rosena Allin-Khan MP

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Why Rosena backs More United:

"Tooting is open, diverse and tolerant - a place I am proud to represent. I’m supporting More United’s values because I believe they encapsulate the society I want to live. If re-elected, I intend to focus on ensuring these values are at the heart of Parliament."

About Rosena Allin-Khan MP

Growing up, Rosena  wanted to be a doctor, but could not afford medical school, so instead she studied Biomedical Science, funding her education through a series of part-time jobs. She was later accepted at the age of 24 to study medicine at Cambridge University.  At the time of her election in 2016, she was working as junior doctor in the A&E department of St Georges Hospital, which is now in her constituency.

Rosena was elected on June 17th, the day after the tragic murder of Jo Cox MP. When the election result was announced, she dropped her planned victory speech and instead read a tribute to Jo.

In parliament she has campaigned on  women's economic equality, community cohesion and the right of Muslim women to wear a niqab. Rosena Outside of politics, she has volunteer in refugee camps providing medical aid.

She is fighting in a highly contested seat, where the two main candidates received 92% of the vote at the last election.

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