Victory in Stoke-on-Trent Central

By Iona Gaskell | 24 February 2017

We have exciting news: More United-backed Gareth Snell has won for Labour, just 2,600 votes ahead of UKIP leader Paul Nuttall.

Choosing to back Gareth was a big decision for us, and in some ways it would have been easier not to get involved. But this is a core part of the movement: that we will never stand aside where there is a fight to be had against the politics of fear and division. That's why 89% of More United members voted to back Gareth.

2017’s been a rough ride for fans of open politics so let’s make sure we celebrate the wins when we get them - and this is a big win. 

Together, by backing Gareth's campaign, we did our bit to help see off a very real threat from UKIP’s leader - and we’ve proved again that politics can be done in a new way. A More United way. 

We did not donate to Gareth’s campaign - what they needed most was volunteers. Volunteers like Emeka (below right), who pounded the streets in Stoke, his hometown. 


These volunteers represented everything we stand for - working together to create a fairer, more tolerant political debate - so a huge thank you.

Every pound you give, every vote you cast and every minute you spare for More United really does make a difference to the candidates we back.  

And this is just the beginning. Together, we’re going to have to make difficult decisions about which candidates we back, and which battles we join, but by working together we really can change Britain for the better.

We look forward to carrying on the fight. 


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