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Vix Lowthion

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Standing in: Isle of Wight

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Why Vix backs More United:

"I endorse More United’s fair, positive and tolerant values. where any differences are celebrated and respected. In these challenging times, we need to fight for an open, forward-looking Britain which protects our rights and offers opportunities. If elected, I will work to ensure these values are represented in Parliament."

About Vix Lowthion

Vix is the Green Party candidate for the Isle of Wight, a seat where the party did extremely well in 2015. Vix is a local teacher and her manifesto focuses on local issues including protecting the isle’s green spaces. She is campaigning to support the local economy by creating more jobs in the renewable energy sector. Vix is also supportive of electoral reform.

Although Vix isn't standing in as marginal a seat as many in the country, More United believes it is important we support a broad range of candidates who are making waves locally.

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