More United gives you a chance to change the direction of our politics. We use crowdfunding to support political candidates who stand by our values, regardless of their party.

Our support helps those candidates get elected, changing Britain for the better.

Why does politics need More United?

Millions of people want to get involved in politics, but don't want to sign up to a particular party.

We offer you a way to make a difference by combining the power of thousands to get people who share our values elected, regardless of party. The more people we elect from across all parties, the more voices we will have in Parliament standing up for what we believe in.

How did More United start?

More United was conceived and launched by a group of volunteers and convenors over the summer of 2016, at a time when Britain was becoming more divided as a nation.

We believe it has never been more important for people to come together to champion what unites us and to stop the growing hatred and intolerance in our country.

What are your values?

With a name inspired by the words of the late Jo Cox MP, More United stands for unity and inclusion, and rejects hatred and division. The 5 values that we require the MPs we support to agree with are:

  • Opportunity: we need a fair economy that bridges the gap between rich and poor

  • Tolerance: we want to live in a free, diverse society where our differences are celebrated and respected

  • Democracy: we want you to have real influence over politics

  • Environment: we must do everything possible to tackle climate change and protect our environment

  • Openness: we welcome immigration, but understand it must work for everyone, and believe in bringing down international barriers, not raising them. We also want a close relationship with the EU