Anna Soubry MP

MP for Broxtowe

I have always considered myself a sensible, moderate Conservative speaking up for tolerance, democracy and openness. I am delighted that More United embrace all of these values and they have my full support.

More United is a movement that backs people, not parties. It is essential that our values are represented on every side of the House of Commons if we are to pull politics back from the extremes. That includes backing forward-looking and outspoken Conservatives, who are taking a stand against extreme views in their own party.

How More United supports Anna

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Anna was a staunch and vocal advocate of equal marriage ahead of the Parliamentary vote in 2013, and has consistently voted to support equal LGBTQ rights in Parliament.

A leading pro-EU voice, Anna resigned as a minister in the wake of the referendum saying she was ‘looking forward to representing my constituents and long-standing views on the positive benefits of immigration and the EU.’ In the days following the referendum, she appeared on Question Time and urged Britain to promote ‘hope over hate’ when it comes to immigration.

Ever since then, Anna has been one of the most vocal critics of hard Brexit. With More United backing, Anna was at the forefront of a Conservative rebellion that saw the Government defeated in Parliament over the issue of giving MPs a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.

Her decision to put country before party to vote for this amendment is one that saw Anna receive horrific levels of abuse - online, in the press and from within her own party - making More United's support for her all the more important. 

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