How are campaigns selected?

More United campaigns on specific issues that will promote the values and ideals of this movement. These campaigns are based on the issues that matter most to our members and supporters, and aim to foster cross-party working wherever possible.

There are two types of More United campaign:

Signature campaigns are built on the issues that More United supporters care most about. The last time supporters were surveyed, the clear priorities were Brexit, the NHS and equality.

More United is now working on UK-wide campaigns based on these issues.

MP-led campaigns are developed by MU-backed MPs themselves. Those MPs have approached More United to ask for support in with an issue that's of particular importance to them.

More United’s Members will always have the final say when it comes to giving money to specific MPs, so MP-led campaigns are always put to a binding online vote. Where possible, members also help prioritise projects and spending.

To gain the right to vote on these decisions, become a Member now.

More United is still a young organisation, so we're experimenting and learning as we go. We want you to have as big a role as possible so send us your thoughts. Email