Caroline Lucas MP

MP for Brighton Pavillion

I’m pleased to endorse More United’s vision because the way we engage with politics is changing. It’s more urgent than ever that progressives work together to oppose an extreme Brexit, and to advance the values of a fairer democracy, a cleaner environment, and a more open society. Together, we can have a real impact on the future of our country.

Caroline is the former co-leader of the Green Party and currently its only MP. She is a veteran environmental campaigner and, as an MP, helps scrutinise government legislation on environmental issues as part of Parliament's Environmental Audit Group.

How More United supports Caroline

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She frequently speaks out against forms of intolerance in society and is a Parliamentary advocate for the Accord Coalition, who work to make sure all state schools are open and inclusive for all children. Caroline was also instrumental in More United's successful campaign to restore the Access to Elected Office Fund.

Caroline has proved time and again that she is open to working with MPs from other parties for the good of the country. Together with Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson, Caroline is the deputy co-chair of the Parliamentary Group for EU Relations, which is co-chaired by Labour MP Chuka Umunna, and Conservative MP Anna Soubry. All four of MPs are backed by More United.

Aside from this, Caroline has worked with More United on our Plastics in the Oceans campaign, writing, alongside three other MPs, an open letter to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, calling for immediate government action to tackle the growing crisis of plastic pollution. She also signed the debate request on the future of legal aid.


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