Update on Chris Bryant's Private Members' Bill

Published 30 October 2017

A few months ago More United's members voted to support Chris Bryant in the general election after he pledged to stand by our values. Following his election as MP for Rhondda, Chris came top in a ballot allowing him to propose a change in the law through a Private Members' Bill and he immediately put those values into practice. 


He invited his constituents, as well as More United's supporters and the wider public, to take part in an online poll that would decide what that new law should be. Thousands of you voted and the winning issue - both nationally and locally among the constituents of Rhondda - was the Assaults on Emergency Staff Bill.

This would make it an aggravated offence to abuse or attack an emergency worker in the course of their duties, giving greater protection to the thousands of paramedics, firefighters, nurses, policemen and other 999 staff who work so hard to keep us safe. With the events of the past few months having proved, once again, how much we rely on our emergency services, Chris' proposed Bill is a chance to do something to keep them safe in return. As he said in the summer

"Every single politician in this country goes on about how wonderful our emergency workers are - and yes, they are. This is an opportunity to put something on the state books that protects the protectors."

Yesterday it was announced that Chris' Bill would receive ministerial support from the Government, meaning it is almost certain to become law. This is a massive victory that shows what the approach of working across parties can do, and how More United supporters can be a part of changing our country.