Christine Jardine MP

MP for Edinburgh West

Openness, tolerance and democracy are fundamental elements of a positive and forward-thinking society. I support More United's efforts and pledge to stand by them in Parliament and in serving the people of Edinburgh West.

Christine co-led More United’s immigration campaign, working alongside Nicky Morgan MP (Conservative) and Tulip Siddiq MP (Labour). Inspired by the 17,200 of you who took part in our survey on immigration, she wrote to the Chancellor, advocating the restoration of a Migrant Impact Fund in the 2018 Autumn Budget. She encouraged fellow MPs to add their voices to More United’s campaign. Recently she wrote an open letter, alongside Tulip and Nicky, to the Home Secretary, asking for our views to be included in the upcoming Immigration Bill. Specifically, they asked for a Migration and Communities Fund; an annual Parliamentary debate on migration; an end to the use of any arbitrary net migration targets; and better enforcement of the rules that are already available to us.

How More United supports Christine

Member backed
Election donation

Christine has been a fantastic example of More United’s cross-party model. Although she had never met Tulip Siddiq before, as a direct result of working together on the immigration campaign, Tulip sought Christine out to support her campaign to end indefinite detention. Christine has helped More United with numerous other campaigns. For More United’s campaign to restore the Access to Elected Office Fund, she wrote to the Home Secretary, urging the Government to restore the Fund. She also worked closely with More United supporters by inviting volunteers to action days. On top of this, she helped secure debates on the future of Legal Aid and on the impact of Brexit on the NHS. More United supporters backed her during the 2017 election.

Previously a journalist and university teacher, Christine was a prominent figure in the Better Together campaign in the run-up to the Scottish Independence Referendum. She has been outspoken about the need to improve the gender-balance of parties and Parliament, resigning her role as Environment Spokesman for the Scottish Liberal Democrats over the issue. She is also a vocal Parliamentary advocate for the WASPI campaign, representing the large numbers of women in her constituency and elsewhere who have been unfairly impacted by changes to the state pension age.

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