Chuka Umunna MP

MP for Streatham

I have always striven to be a politician that listens to my constituents and delivers on my promises. My ethos and my work in Parliament are fully in line with More United's values, so I would be honoured to receive the support of their Members and to continue representing these values.

As former Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka has worked hard to boost local businesses and encourage investment in his constituency.

How More United supports Chuka

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He has worked in Parliament to foster greater social integration within diverse communities, launching a Parliamentary Group for this purpose, and has spoken out against homophobia and sexism. He’s also a vocal supporter of proportional representation.

Chuka chairs the grassroots initiative Vote Leave Watch, holding the Leave campaign to account for their claims in the run-up to the referendum. As the Brexit negotiations continue, Chuka has proved his enthusiasm for working across party lines by frequently teaming up with MPs of other parties to highlight the dangers posed to the UK by a hard destructive Brexit.

He and Anna Soubry are co-chairs of the newly founded Parliamentary Group on EU Relations.

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