ACT NOW: Britain’s CO2 shortage crisis


You may have read that a shortage of CO2 gas is disrupting Britain's food and drink industry and risking animal welfare.

Pubs, pig and poultry processors, farmers, and food and drink manufacturers.... they're all affected, and they need information - now - on how long the current CO2 shortage is going to last.

If you’re worried about the impact of the crisis, join calls for the Secretary of State for Business, Greg Clark MP, to intervene urgently and get the big CO2 manufacturers - who have taken their machines offline for maintenance - to provide information to Britain's businesses so they can make contingency plans.

So why does CO2 matter? Carbon dioxide is used to put the fizz in your beer, cider and soft drinks. And sales of CO2 to some pubs are being rationed.

It's also used to create the most humane method of slaughter: putting animals to sleep first. Already The Times has reported that thousands of chickens have been slaughtered using methods that could cause them severe pain because of the shortage of CO2.

Businesses are being left in the dark and animal welfare is at risk. Ask the government to intervene by signing the petition now.