Darren Jones MP

MP for Bristol North West

Darren Jones has worked with More United on two of our campaigns. He is the co-lead for More United’s campaign on tipping policy, alongside Stephen Lloyd (Independent Liberal) and Peter Aldous (Conservative). Darren initially came to More United with the campaign, after being approached by one of his constituents. He also added his name to calls for the debate on the impact of Brexit on the NHS.

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Darren has done extensive work on Universal Credit, including writing a letter to Amber Rudd, Minister for Work and Pensions, calling on her to stop the roll-out and for immediate measures to be put in place to reverse the hardships it has caused. He also wrote to then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Esther McVey, calling for an end to the ‘two-child policy’ on benefits in October 2018 and – ahead of the 2018 Spring Budget – for free schools to be protected under the Universal Credit roll-out.

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