Extend the political disability “EnAble Fund”


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Thanks to More United, a new “EnAble Fund” was established this year to support Deaf and disabled candidates standing in the 2019 local elections.

Now we’re calling on the Government to extend the funding to all candidates including those wanting to stand in General Elections, learn lessons from other successful schemes, and establish a long-term solution beyond March 2020.

Earlier this year, More United ran a successful campaign to restore funds for some election candidates. Can you remember how we did it?

  • We brought David, Emily and Simeon together: three disabled candidates from three different parties to launch a legal challenge against the government
  • 10,000 of us signed the petition that was delivered to No. 10 Downing St
  • 19 of the UK’s most prominent deaf and disabled people backed the legal challenge with this letter in The Sunday Times
  • You got 20 MPs from 5 parties to write to the Home Secretary (some also sent messages via WhatsApp!)
  • Your campaign was covered in the Guardian, Disability News Service and BBC
  • The Minister for Women and Equalities agreed to restore some funds to enabled Deaf and disabled people stand for local election from now until March 2020