MPs: Westminster homeless death must be the last


One of the homeless people who regularly sleep outside parliament’s tube entrance died on Tuesday night, just a week before Christmas. It is a matter of justice that his death, on the doorstep of Westminster, leads to long-lasting action.

Please sign our open letter to MPs - asking them to tackle the wider issue of homelessness once and for all:


To Members of Parliament,

We demand that you put your party differences to one side and work together to develop a plan to end wider homelessness not just rough sleeping. Just this week, a man died on the doorstep of Westminster, a week before Christmas, whilst reportedly working as a kitchen porter in Charing Cross.

We demand MPs work together to end all forms of homelessness, using the Crisis definition, to include:

  • No one sleeping rough
  • No one forced to live in transient or dangerous accommodation such as tents, squats, and non-residential buildings
  • No one living in emergency accommodation, such as shelters and hostels, without a plan for rapid rehousing
  • No one homeless as a result of leaving a state institution
  • Everyone at immediate risk of homelessness gets the help they need to prevent it

We understand that many of the regular rough sleepers outside parliament’s tube entrance are known to MPs and their staff. Westminster can’t ignore this problem any longer. Please act.


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