Don't try this at home: stop the pay to stay fee


This letter is from a group of EU citizens living in the UK who believe Government plans to ask them to pay to stay in their homes after Brexit. They have launched a petition and are asking our movement to stand with them in opposing these fees.


Dear Home Secretary,

We believe your plans to make EU citizens already living in the UK pay to apply to stay in their own home are unfair.

The application fee could cost a family upwards of £200 - that’s a monthly food bill for the average household.

This fee adds injury to insult for those who have spent years making their homes in towns and cities across the country but didn’t have a say in the Brexit referendum, which caused the current issue.

EU citizens living in the UK are making a valuable contribution to national life through skills and taxes. They are friends, family and colleagues, who deserve to be made welcome and treated fairly.

As supporters of More United, the3million and In Limbo we are calling on you to reconsider and axe the fee.