Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about More United and how you can get involved. If your question isn't answered, please email us at

About More United

At the heart of the movement are five values for a fair, positive and tolerant society in the 21st century.

Opportunity: we need a fair economy that bridges the gap between rich and poor

Tolerance: we want to live in a free, diverse society where our differences are celebrated and respected

Democracy: we want you to have real influence over politics

Environment: we must do everything possible to tackle climate change and protect the environment

Openness: we welcome immigration and believe in bringing down international barriers, not raising them. We also want a close relationship with Europe.

Everyone involved with More United - MPs, candidates, supporters, staff - are fully committed to putting these values into practice.

No, More United support MPs and candidates from other parties but doesn’t field its own candidates in elections.

More United is run by a small team, with governance from a Board of Directors. You can can find out about them here.

More United crowdfunds most of its money through donations from members. All donors who have given more than £1,000 are published on our website, along with a copy of the accounts and more information about the funding policy.

All you need to do is make another donation to More United, either to a specific crowdfund or through the website, and your membership will be renewed for another year. 

Make sure you use the same email address that you're already registered with More United under. That way you'll receive one set of emails, and our system will know that you're a previous or existing member.

If an MP that's been backed by More United acts in a way that goes against the movement's values, they will not receive support in the next election.

Your Membership

You can become a Member of More United by donating any amount. Your membership then lasts 12 months from your donation.

By donating, you get the right to vote on key decisions, such as which candidates to support and what campaigns to help them run.

It’s completely up to you! This movement is open to anyone who agrees with our values and wants to join - so there is no minimum limit on donations.

All Members are treated equally, regardless of how much they can afford to donate. We just ask that you give what you feel is right.

As a member you can:

✓ Vote on which MPs and candidates we support

✓ Shape the future of More United's campaigns

✓ Hear first about events and volunteering opportunities

✓ Give your active support to the campaigns of your chosen MPs and candidates

You can become a Member by donating now. Membership lasts 12 months from your latest donation.

Yes, you can become a Supporter for free by signing up on the homepage.

As a Supporter you’ll receive updates about what More United’s doing and get the opportunity to join in with campaign activity. But you won’t get to cast your vote to decide which candidates get More United support. For that, you need to become a Member.

Your Membership will automatically lapse 12 months after your last donation. Or you can email to get this done immediately. The team aims to respond to emails as quickly as possible.

Check your spam folder - your server might be automatically forwarding our emails in there!

It is also possible you have opted out of receiving emails. If you think that might be the case, you can either sign up again or email

Candidates and MPs supported by More United

Those are MPs (or candidates, if they haven’t been elected yet) who have received the support of More United. It means they’ve publicly pledged their support for our values and been approved by a vote of More United’s members.

You can find out more about how we select MPs and candidates here

To be eligible for More United’s support, candidates and MPs must:

  • Publicly pledge their support for More United’s values, and have a track record to prove it
  • Be approved by a simple majority of our Members in an online vote

If it’s election time, the candidate must also be standing in a seat which, with our help, they can win.

You can find out more about how we select MPs and candidates here

We give candidates and MPs the support they need to win, whether that’s in an election, changing a law in Parliament, or running a campaign on a particular issue.

This can include a donation, mobilising supporters, raising awareness through online activity and simply providing endorsement.

For the moment, yes. As the movement grows it may begin to support candidates in other types of election, such as Scottish and Welsh or mayoral.

More United currently supports 34 MPs from 4 different parties. You can find out about them here.


No. Rather than picking particular policies, More United uses the five core values as pillars on which to run campaigns on a wide range of issues.

Members are regularly asked to give their input on what issues they care most about, and what kinds of action they want to take for More United. The team uses this to shape the campaigns they propose.

Members will always be able to vote for any campaign that involves donating money to an MP or candidate.

Not yet, although hopefully this will develop as the movement grows.

If you’re interested in leading some local activity, get in touch with us.

There are plenty of ways you can help More United out, not least by sharing the movement with other people. 

If you're interested in volunteering, please get in touch