Funding Policy

More United is committed to being open and transparent about where our funds come from and how they are spent.

We do this because we respect integrity and openness. Although we are not legally required to publish information on our donors, we do so to make sure our supporters are very clear about who we are and how we are funded.

Startup funding

We began our movement in July 2016 with a £2,500 donation from our chair - this funding let us grow our movement so that by November 2016, we could recruit our acting CEO, Bess, who worked at first on a voluntary basis for 3 months, as well as Iona, who started full time in December 2016. So far, all staff costs have been paid for with donations raised outside our crowdfunds and we hope to keep it that way.

Crowdfund campaigns

We have run three crowdfunds so far. The first raised £274,000. All donations of less than £1,000 went directly to supporting candidates and donations over £1,000 went towards the office costs of More United. In December and February, we embarked on our first by election campaigns. We mobilised volunteers (though we did not provide financial support) to support Sarah Olney in Richmond Park and Gareth Snell in Stoke Central. Helping to win both, we were ready when Theresa May called a Snap General Election in April 2017.

We ran a second crowdfund when the election was called to give More United the best chance of making a difference. That crowdfund raised £230,000 (including donations given on our website since the beginning of 2017). We then ran a third crowdfund in December 2017 to kick start our work outside elections.

Candidates and MPs funded

During the 2017 General Election, we gave the following donations to candidates, once our support had been confirmed by More United members:

  • £10,000: Rosena Allin-Khan, Amna Ahmad, Kelly-Marie Blundell, Daisy Cooper, Andrew George, Liz Kendall, Gavin Shuker, Gareth Thomas
  • £7,000-£7,999: Alison McGovern, Jo Roundell Greene
  • £6,000-£6,999: Gloria De Piero, Owen Smith, Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna
  • £5,000-£5,999: Jane Dodds, Jack Dromey, Mark Hunter, Christine Jardine, David Lammy, Clive Lewis, Vix Lowthian, Caroline Lucas, Sue Maguire, Tessa Munt, Elizabeth Riches, Tulip Siddiq, Andy Slaughter, George Turner, Sophie Walker, Jonathan Woodcock
  • £3,000: Ruth Cadbury, Peter Kyle, Jo Swinson
  • £2,000: Chris Bryant, Stephen Kinnock, Norman Lamb, Ian Lucas, Sarah Olney, Jonathan Reynolds, Jamie Stone, Mark Williams
  • Under £2,000: Vince Cable, Alistair Carmichael, Geraint Davies, Stephen Doughty Seema Malhotra, Ian Murray, Rachel Reeves

Individual Supporters

In March 2017 we appointed Fundraising Director Sally Burton-Graham to increase our operational funding. We created a Founder Patron Scheme for supporters who would commit each year to fund More United's operational costs. We have recruited 38 Founder Patrons who will be asked each year to support the operational costs of More United. All donors who have given more than £1,000 to More United are listed here:


£1,001 - £7,500:

James Strathallan, Hugh Lumby, Anne Wolff, Peter Knook, Melissa Johnson, Tom Hogg, Hugh Lumby, Maurice Biriotti, Mark Robinson, Rory Carter and Dame Elizabeth Neville, Richard Mott, Steve Sharratt, Matt Clifford, John and Susan Lazar

£7,501 - £15,000

Pablo Flack & David Waddington, Betterworld Ltd, Rob Bramwell

Over £15,000

Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust


£1,001 - £7,500:

Helen and Adam Heathfield, Marisa Johnson, Tim and Fiona Leacock, Geof Nuttall, Christopher Smith, Marshall and Stephanie Manson, Michael Mleczko, Chris Wigley, Alan Frost, M Duncan, Joan Devaney, Mark Robinson, Chris and Isobel McDermott-Spencer, Lisbet Rausing, Peter Baldwin, Anne Wolff and Peter Knook, Alistair Frost, Alex Proud, Mike Papworth, Andy Payne, Susan Balgarnie, Rupert Nabarro, Neil Sherlock, Tim Ward, Melissa Johnson, Tom Hogg, Anthony Ellis, Garret Turley, Hugh Lumby, Neil Davidson, Andrew Dyson, Grant Gordon, Susie Hewson, David Svendsen, Robin Allenson

£7,501 - £15,000:

Rob Bramwell, Lynne and Tom Gosling, James Strathallan, Sam Berwick

Over £15,000:

Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, Garvin Brown, Stephen Dawson


£1,001 - £7,500:

Robin Allenson, Maurice Biriotti, Adam Knight, Neil Sherlock, Rumi Verjee, Joe Zammit Lucia

£7,501 - £15,000:

Duncan Greenland, Susie Hewson, Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust

We are grateful to all our supporters who give encouragement and advice as well as donations. We are committed to honouring their support by building the movement they helped start. There is far more that unites us and there is plenty to do.