Negotiating Brexit: Listening Project

In June 2017, More United members helped to elect Gareth Thomas as MP for Harrow West, voting to give him a donation of £10,000 and volunteer support.

At the end of last year, Gareth approached More United with a project. He wanted to gain a better understanding of how the views and concerns of his constituents have changed regarding Brexit, since the EU referendum.

More United's Members voted to support Gareth with a project designed to find out what his constituents thought mattered most in the Brexit negotiations. As a result of that project, Gareth is now officially backing the campaign for a People’s Vote to approve, amend or reject the final deal.

He’s taking this position having listened to his constituents and combined it with his own expertise as an MP, something that is at the heart of More United’s values.

Gareth said:

"I’ve really enjoyed working with More United on a whole range of issues, from championing actions to support the NHS, to support for a strong future relationship with Europe and other issues. In particular, I am grateful for your support for my ongoing discussions with constituents on Brexit. As a result, I am now championing a vote on the final deal.

Thank you to all the More United volunteers who have helped me promote the events, or came along to attend. And thank you as a More United member for giving me your support.”

More United provided the donation and volunteers that made it possible for Gareth to meet people all across his constituency, bringing together people from different parties, backgrounds and levels of engagement to have genuine conversations. This is a project that put More United’s values of democracy and tolerance into action.

Here’s how More United’s donation and people support was used:

  • Printing and delivering letters to almost every constituent
  • Hiring accessible venues across the constituency for the events to be held in
  • Leafleting to raise awareness about the events in the local area