Gavin Shuker MP

MP for Luton South

In serving the people of Luton South I've always demonstrated a commitment to the values of tolerance, opportunity, democracy, openness and the environment. These are More United’s values too. At this crucial time we must fight the rise of extremist attitudes by working together and standing by those who need our support the most.

Gavin has worked closely with More United supporters, hosting them in Parliament because he felt that it was important to feed back to More United supporters on what he has been doing in the same way he feeds back to his constituents. He was backed by More United supporters during the 2017 election.

How More United supports Gavin

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Election donation

Gavin founded and runs an award-winning summer school in his constituency. The scheme offers young people a chance to gain work experience in campaigning and charity work, while simultaneously fostering greater political engagement among local youth.

Gavin has been vocal about the need to remove refugees from net migration figures and about ensuring that BAME women do not face discrimination when entering local politics.

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