How are MPs and candidates chosen?

More United backs people, not parties. We need to make sure the right people are elected, who will champion our values in Parliament no matter what party they are from.

But selecting these MPs and candidates is an important task. Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Check values

We ask the MP or candidate to publicly sign up to our values and commit to delivering them. Our researchers check their past record is consistent with this.

Step 2: Assess winnability (if not already elected)

Election data experts assess the candidate's likelihood of winning their seat. 

Step 3: Member vote

MPs and candidates who pass the first two stages are put forward to a vote of More United's members. 

What happens when two candidates are in the same seat? 

If the candidates pass Step 1 and 2 - they both sign up to our values and both have a chance of winning - our members can still choose to endorse them, but we won’t give them any money.

Either one of these candidates getting elected would make our country better off: it would be a waste to give them both a donation to fight each other.

What kind of support do we give MPs and candidates?

How More United supports each candidate will vary depending on their needs. Our team works with MPs and candidates to make sure they get the support that will be most effective in helping them get elected including:

  • Formal endorsement
  • Donation to help them get elected or deliver change in Parliament
  • Voluntary support to help them get election or deliver change in Parliament 

Can I recommend an MP or candidate?

Absolutely, click on the button below to make a recommendation.