Finding a new immigration policy

The Government has indicated it will bring forward draft proposals for the UK’s immigration system at the end of this year. An Immigration Bill would likely follow early in 2019.

With the help of More United, three MPs have decided to put their party differences to one side and find a way of shaping this legislation together in a way that is right for the country.

They want to find out what you think about the immigration system. Make your voice heard by taking the survey.

Side by side images of Nicky Morgan MP, Tulip Siddiq MP and Christine Jardine MP

"Whilst there are lots of ideas we will disagree on, we all agree that a new immigration policy for Britain should not be xenophobic, should support our economy, and should support our local communities when they experience unusual migration flows. And we are open-minded about how best we can do this.

By working with More United, these MPs want to reach beyond the usual suspects – think tanks, research centres and politicians – to create the largest possible pool of people like us who want to work together to tackle the big challenges of the day.

With your help, we hope that we can build support across Parliament to build confidence in the immigration system and to help heal divisions.

Thank you, 

Nicky Morgan (Conservative MP), Tulip Siddiq (Labour MP), Christine Jardine (Liberal Democrat MP)"