Impact so far

Our movement has already begun impacting politics. Here are just some of the things More United has achieved 

✓ Grown to 144,000 people strong.

✓ Crowdfunded £500,000 & mobilised 3,000 hours of volunteering over the 2017 General Election.

✓ Helped elect 34 MPs from 4 different parties. MPs we backed saw a 2-6% higher swing compared to those we didn't.

Secured a Parliamentary debate on how Brexit will impact the NHS - the first time this topic has been debated

Restored government funds to support disabled candidates with the extra costs of standing for election

Secured Immigration reforms that make non-EU doctors and nurses exempt from the visa cap

✓ Encouraged MPs to put country before party, always. Our supporters have sent hundreds of messages of support to MPs who have faced criticism and abuse for defying their party whip, making sure they know they are not alone.

Contributed evidence to a Parliamentary Inquiry into sustainable seas, drawing on the views of 7,000+ people