Jo Swinson MP

MP for East Dunbartonshire

I've supported More United from the very start, and loved campaigning beyond party lines at the Richmond Park action day.  In Parliament I want to champion an open, tolerant, inclusive society, and challenge division and nationalism.  Politics needs disrupting and More United is certainly making waves.

Jo was the leading voice in our campaign to introduce MP proxy voting. Due to Parliament’s archaic rules, Jo was unable to vote on the future of this country as she was on maternity leave. Jo joined forces with Tulip Siddiq (Labour) and More United to demand urgent reform of this system. She also helped secure the debate on the impact of Brexit on the NHS. Jo was backed by More United supporters during the 2017 election.

How More United supports Jo

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Jo has been vocal about Parliament’s need to modernise and was commended for being the first MP to bring her baby into a commons debate. She has also been an advocate of cross-party working, saying: “we are united in our belief that we must put the interests of the people we represent above party”.

Jo is passionate about maximising the UK’s economic potential and the role girls and young women can play in this. She works in and out of parliament to ensure girls and young women can reach their full potential, including chairing the Gender Balance Taskforce working to help get more women into parliamentary positions.

She is a champion for youth political engagement and is a vocal supporter of lowering the voting age to 16. 


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