John Woodcock MP

MP for Barrow and Furness

More United are energising debate in Britain with their vision for a new kind of politics. Extremism is on the march here and around the world. It is great to see people who want a more forward-looking, open future coming together to make a difference.

John is a dedicated local MP and a prominent mental health campaigner, having spoken openly of his own struggle with depression. "Stigma clearly still exists, but as a result of great awareness-raising initiatives like world mental health day earlier this year, the name calling seems more and more likely to be called out as unacceptable and wrong." 

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In 2013 John established a credit union in his constituency after a commission he launched alerted him to the rise of legal loan sharks preying on the poorest.

John has shown himself to be an independent-minded MP, defying his party whips on many occasions when he felt he needed to put country before party.

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