Jonathan Reynolds MP

MP for Stalybridge and Hyde

The UK needs politicians who will stand up for their constituents whoever the Government of the day is, and who are answerable for their actions and honest in their promises. We need people who are committed to making politics more representative, transparent and effective. I've always tried to do that for the residents of Hyde, Stalybridge, Mossley, Dukinfield and Longdendale. More United is doing great work to try and change the way politics is done and I would be very proud to receive their endorsement.

Jonathan was one of the youngest MPs elected in 2010, aged just 29, having previously trained and worked as a solicitor. Jonathan believes firmly that a compassionate society and strong economy can go hand in hand.

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As Vice-Chair of the All-Party Group on Autism, he has worked to raise awareness and improve understanding of this condition. He’s also been vocal about the need to get more young people voting.

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