Justine Greening MP

MP for Putney

Justine is the co-lead, alongside Emma Reynolds (Labour), on More United’s campaign on homelessness.

Justine was previously Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities.

She has been an ardent voice for social mobility, saying that "we need a guarantee on opportunity for people in this country in the same way that we tried to give them guarantees on health and guarantees on dignity if they are falling out of work." She launched the Social Mobility Pledge (a commitment for businesses and employers) in Parliament during a debate on ‘Social Mobility and the Economy’. As Education Secretary, Justine announced a national strategy aimed for social mobility, which included: £50m for schools to open new nursery places; £23m for a “future talent fund” targeted at bright students from poorer backgrounds; and closer cooperation with businesses in providing apprenticeships. 

Justine recently introduced the Creditworthiness Assessment Bill into Parliament, with large cross-party backing. It aims to change the law so that credit providers such as banks have to consider rental and council tax payments as part of your credit history -- meaning a level playing field for renters to get fair access to credit. 

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