Your voice in politics

Over the past few weeks we’ve been asking you for your thoughts on politics and activism. In the follow up to our original survey we wanted to dig a little deeper into how you want to be heard in politics, and what change motivates you.

Update on Chris Bryant's Private Members' Bill

More United-backed MP Chris Bryant came top in a ballot allowing him to propose a change in the law through a Private Members' Bill and he put More United's values into practice in deciding what law to change. Now his 'Protect the Protectors' bill is going to be made law.

David Davis: publish your Brexit impact studies

More than 120 cross-party MPs, including 25 supported by More United, have signed a letter demanding that the Government immediately publish the findings of secret studies into the impact Brexit will have on 50 different sectors.

A Few Wise Words from More United's Supporters

The More United team's been travelling around the UK meeting supporters and finding out what you value in the movement. Supporters are the fuel that drives this movement, so hear are some of their wise words.