More United at Festival No. 6

More United hosted a panel discussion on political disruption at Festival No. 6 last weekend, accompanied by two of the MPs we support. Co-founder Corinne Sawers shares her impressions.

How More United impacted the General Election

In the June 2017 snap election, More United supporters backed 49 candidates from 5 different parties. The team analysed the data from the general election to identify what impact the movement's support had on the results. 

What the MPs we backed got up to over the summer..

A round-up of what the 34 More United-backed MPs have been busy with over the summer recess, locally, nationally and internationally.

What’s next for More United?

The June 2017 snap election defied all the predictions. Now more than ever before the values that More United was setup to defend are under threat from extreme politics. These challenges highlight the need to find common ground across parties.