Legal Aid

Cuts to legal aid have left some people on the brink of crisis. We're working with grassroots groups including Young Legal Aid Lawyers, to make sure everyone has access to justice.

Eleanor was caught up in the Windrush scandal and was unable to access legal aid. A problem that could have been sorted in weeks took two years of struggle.

Watch her story in this two-minute video:

We want to reverse the worst cuts so people can access the legal advice they need. Specifically, we want to:

  • restore access to early advice  
  • restore access to welfare advice, and  
  • simplify the criteria for those who need legal aid.

The time for change is now. 

21 MPs from 4 parties came together to secure a debate on legal aid in Parliament during “Justice Week”.

Thousands of us then wrote to our MPs asking them to speak in that debate. Incredibly, more than 35 MPs from five parties attended. Andy Slaughter MP said “Big thanks to More United. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

We made our voices heard in the corridors of power. We're going to keep working with MPs to protect legal aid because everyone deserves access to justice - not just those who can afford it.

Write to your MP to show your support.