Stop the double tax: let us learn


Campaign update:

Ijeoma and the Let us Learn team we handed in your petition to the Home Office, 5,500 of us have joined them in demanding a change to the double tax on young migrants.

Now our voices are being heard inside the Government Department that has the power to change things.



To the House of Commons and Sajid Javid Secretary of State for Home Affairs,

We are worried that the lives of young people who have grown up in the UK and are proud to call this country home will be blighted by government plans to double the Immigration Health Surcharge.

The increase is due from next month, and the fear is that this will force many lawful young migrants into ‘illegality’, as they simply can’t save enough money to pay the Home Office renewal fees. That increase will take the overall cost to £2,033, which is a 238% increase since 2014. These are impossible sums for people on low wage jobs.

Let Us Learn and More United have come together to ask you to:

  • exempt young migrants (who have spent more than half their life in the UK) from the NHS charge, and
  • pause the increase in the NHS charge until that exemption has taken effect.

The NHS charge was meant to stop health tourism. It wasn’t aimed at young people - like Lizzie, Ijeoma, Zeno, Misan, Andrew and Mayowa - who have grown up in the UK and whose futures belong here. They already pay towards the NHS in their taxes. They shouldn’t have to pay twice.

The UK is their home. Help these young people have a future here.


Yours faithfully


Let Us Learn

More United