More United wins campaign to restore disability fund

Published 17 May 2018

Five weeks ago, three disabled candidates from three different parties came together to demand a level playing field to stand for election. With More United's support, these candidates launched a legal challenge asking the government to restore the Access to Elected Office Fund. 

This was a £2.6 million government Fund that helped disabled candidates of all parties stand for election. It's been under review and out of use for three years. Without it, this opportunity to participate in democracy is closed to thousands. 

Today the government has announced that they are reopening that fund for 12 months.

This simply would not have happened without this campaign, which has brought together MPs from all different parties and thousands of people from across the country to achieve real change. It proves there are some things on which we really are far more united than we are divided.

The next 12 months will provide a window of opportunity to prove how crucial this Fund is, so we can ramp up our efforts to ensure that it is protected in the long-term. That way our democracy can remain open to everyone, always.