Members vote for Gareth Thomas listening project

Published 23 November 2017

In 2018, difficult decisions will be made about Britain's future. MPs will have a pivotal role to play in shaping those decisions.

Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, wants to be fully prepared for this process so that he can stand up for his constituents and his country. He wants to meet at least 1,000 local people - including More United supporters - in events held all over his constituency so that he can hear their thoughts on Brexit and take action as a result. 

From the beginning, More United members have been able to vote on decisions about supporting MPs, and it was no different this time. We asked members to vote on whether our movement should give Gareth a donation of £2,500 to help him deliver this project.
In an online vote 85% of members were in favour of supporting Gareth in this initiative.
This donation will enable him to invite every household in his constituency to attend the events. More United will also provide online and on-the-ground support in promoting and running these events so that Gareth can engage people from all backgrounds, and all parts of his constituency.

Last week we shared More United's plan for impacting politics outside elections by supporting MPs' campaigns, connecting people with their MPs and growing the movement.

This is an opportunity to test part of that plan. Our impact will be carefully measured so that we can learn from this process and then build on it. As More United works with more MPs in the coming months, this is a project that could be rolled out around the country. 

It's a big first step - but it's not the whole picture. 

We'll also work with MPs in Parliament to give their campaigns the best chance of success.

Look out for updates over the coming weeks. 

If you weren't able to vote this time, donate now to make sure you get to have your say in future votes.