MPs use More United consultation to call for action on plastics

Published 11 September 2018

Protecting our environment is a priority for us all. By combining the power of MPs working across party lines with thousands of people across the country, More United are in a unique position to make a meaningful difference.

7,000 people shared their views on plastic pollution with MPs through More United's survey. Now, armed with this evidence, four MPs from four parties have set aside their differences to campaign alongside one another on this critical issue.

Alistair Carmichael (Liberal Democrat), Ian Murray (Labour), Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative) and Caroline Lucas (Green) have written an open letter to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, calling for the immediate government action to tackle the growing crisis of plastic pollution. 

Read their letter below and add your name to show your support.


Dear Philip,

8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year - that’s a truck-load every minute. This is causing damage that will have serious impacts on both our environment and our economy for generations to come.

The government must act now to stop the flow of plastic waste into our waters.

We have partnered with the cross-party campaign group More United, for whom protecting the environment is a core value. Through them, we have consulted with thousands of people who care about this issue.  

Based on these findings, we ask you to commit to the following measures:

  1. Put greater responsibility on manufacturers to reduce waste by introducing a tax/ban on non-recyclable plastics.
  2. Make waste producers pay for the costs of collecting and disposing of non-recyclable plastics.
  3. Tackle our throw-away culture by by providing incentives for reuse and recycling, such as introducing a levy on disposable coffee cups and increasing the 5p plastic bag charge.

This is not an issue of party politics. We welcome recent indications that the government is prepared to take steps in the right direction.

We are asking you to go further by committing to these bold measures that would make a significant difference in protecting Britain’s natural heritage for future generations.


Alistair Carmichael MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Caroline Lucas MP
Ian Murray MP