What the MPs we backed got up to over the summer..

Published 27 October 2017

During the parliamentary recess, MPs traditionally spend time in their constituencies, talk to their constituents, work on campaigns and promote local issues.

We’ve put together a round-up of highlights from More United-backed MPs so you can see a flavour of the things international, national and local that they’ve been up to.

Rosena Allin-Khan returned to work in St George’s Hospital A&E - read her diary of a 12 hour shift of working in the frontline NHS.

Ruth Cadbury Joined a campaign to stop a local youth club from closure. She was vocal about remaining in the single market and called for Jeremy Corbyn to take a stand against Brexit.

Peter Kyle worked with the city council to launch a bike share scheme in Brighton & Hove to make it an even greener city. He also argued for the necessity of remaining within the single market.

Alison McGovern teamed up with Heidi Alexander to launch the Labour Campaign for the Single Market.

Rachel Reeves was elected chair of the HoC Business Committee and said priority would be tackling issues surrounding workers rights in the gig economy, & tackling gender, BAME and disabled pay gaps. She also campaigned for a cleanup of the reservoir in her constituency by Yorkshire Water.

Chris Bryant published a book about the history of the British aristocracy, ‘Entitled’, featured in Victoria Derbyshire’s feature on LGBT MPs, and prepared his upcoming Private Members Bill that seeks to protect emergency services workers from assault.

David Lammy has been working on a review into BAME over-representation in the criminal justice system, which was published on Friday.

Caroline Lucas took up the fight for a local constituent who was threatened erroneously with deportation by the Home Office. “It beggars belief that Eva, who is married to a UK citizen, pays taxes in the UK and has five years guaranteed employment as a visiting fellow, has been issued with a letter threatening her removal and possible detention," she said. Caroline also joined the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on European Relations.

Chuka Umunna has been busy campaigning for the UK to remain in the Common Market - and is chair of the APPG on European Relations.

Jo Swinson was elected deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats. She also joined the APPG on European Relations; and called on the government to halt arms sales to Venezuela.

Anna Soubry has been busy campaigning against a hard Brexit, having teamed up with Chuka to found the APPG on European Relations and called on the government to exclude students from immigration figures.

Vince Cable became leader of the Liberal Democrats and amongst other things gave an interview on needing to change the way executive pay is decided.

Seema Malhotra sent a freedom of information request to the Department for Exiting the EU to get answers about the research they’re conducting into the effects of Brexit on the UK economy.

Stephen Kinnock worked on the Save our Steel campaign to get assurances from the government on protecting jobs in Port Talbot, and met Taibach youngsters from the food and fun programme.

Geraint Davies - teamed up with Clive Lewis and David Lammy to send open letter to Jeremy Corbyn asking him to commit to free movement of people.

Ian Lucas Spoke to the consumer watchdog for water in Wales - and raised concerns about the effect the recent takeover of Welsh water companies could have. He met with anti fox-hunting campaigners.

Andy Slaughter Took part in west London Unity Day march to celebrate diversity and solidarity following London Bridge Attacks, and spoke out for the need for Grenfell tower survivors to be re-homed.

Emma Reynolds - Met activists at the Wolverhampton summer social and praised Police work in her constituency against modern slavery.

Tulip Siddiq who was stopped at the UK border with her daughter until she was joined by her husband because she didn’t have the same surname on her passport as her child has been campaigning for a change in the regulations.

Gloria De Piero co-led the inquiry into inequality within the arts, which found that the arts are increasingly dominated by those from privileged backgrounds: she said it’s “time we brought the curtain down on white middle-class dominance in the performing arts”.

Jack Dromey joined nurses campaigning to #ScraptheCap & others campaigning against the blacklisting of workers by construction firms.

Gavin Shuker visited the National Citizen Service in Luton and campaigned for job security for Vauxhall workers.

Ian Murray - joined celebrations of the Edinburgh International Festival’s 70 year anniversary and dressed up to help Breast Cancer Now prepare for Wear It Pink

Gareth Thomas took part in Harrow family race to raise money for local food banks and spent time campaigning against the closure of local police station.

Liz Kendall - attended the launch of the Labour Campaign for the Single Market and met with residents who have raised concerns over pollution from a local factory.

Building on the success of Pontypridd Lido Owen Smith established a group in Parliament to promote outdoor swimming.

Clive Lewis launched a campaign to keep free movement of people after Brexit, and added his support to the WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign.

John Woodcock ran a local summer school (Furness Future Leaders Academy) which he set up to improve skills and raise aspirations for youth.

Norman Lamb organised an annual ‘Village Tour’ of Norfolk which was a great example of open engagement with people from all parts of his constituency.

Alistair Carmichael spoke out on the prosecution of BHS owner Dominic Chappell “‘No prosecution will give back the jobs of 11,000 people who Philip Green effectively put on the dole by passing the company on to Mr Chappell. ‘While Green continues to enjoy his knighthood and his yacht, we need to ensure that workers and pensioners are never again put through such an ordeal.”

Jamie Stone took part in the Meet the MPs youtube programme which gave insight to the work of a new MP in Parliament.


Christine Jardine spoke out on the challenges facing generation Y.

Jonathan Reynolds joined with other MPs to criticise Trevor Kavanagh’s article in the Sun newspaper "There is little doubt (especially with the capitalisation of the three words) that Kavanagh was intentionally comparing Muslims to the 'The Jewish Problem': a phrase used in the last century, to which the Nazis responded with the 'Final Solution' - the Holocaust..."

Stephen Doughty revealed his secret talent (acappela singing) at Pride Cymru and pushed Labour to soften its approach on Brexit.

More United MPs Norman Lamb, Alistair Carmichael, Christine Jardine, Clive Lewis and others have signed Greener UK’s Pledge for the Environment, committing to doing all they can to ensure the UK is a leader on climate change and environmentalism post-Brexit.