Cross-party MPs share new facts in NHS / Brexit debate

Published 23 March 2018

Yesterday, for the first time, 15 cross-party MPs stood up in Parliament to debate how Brexit will impact our NHS.

That debate was on the agenda because More United's supporters put it there.

This is how:

  • More United's supporters were asked in the autumn what issues the movement should prioritise: the NHS, Brexit and equality came top of the list

  • At the end of February, we launched a campaign to get MPs focusing on how Brexit may impact the NHS

  • 5,000 of you emailed your MPs calling for a debate in Parliament

  • 46 MPs from 5 parties took up the call and submitted a formal request to hold a debate

  • That request was approved because, thanks to More United's supporters, it clearly had widespread cross-party support

This issue had not been debated in Parliament before yesterday.

Because of this debate, MPs from across the parties have brought new facts to light and put pressure on the government to make sure that, when it comes to Brexit, our NHS is protected no matter what.

More United is building a new model of politics that brings together thousands of people and MPs from different parties to campaign on issues they all agree on. This is proof that it works.